Why Lawyer Around the Corner?

Trusted and reliable legal advice from attorneys

LATC attorneys are vetted, reviewed by customers like you, and in good standing with their respective State bars and covered by malpractice insurance.

Avoid paying expensive hourly fees

While you pay by the hour to talk to most law firm attorneys, with LATC you get an in-depth, detailed anysis -- all at at a low cost

Find the attorney who is right for you.

Through our dynamic website, all customers receive answers to their legal questions from attorneys who are located in their State and County -  they know the culture of your neighborhood and they walk the halls of the courtrooms that you may litigate your case. 

Built a history with your attorney

You can schedule a consultation with the same attorney who provided you with a detailed answer to your legal question - and then you can build an attorney client relationship with a lawyer from your neighborhood.