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What, exactly, is this website about?

We are a lawyer referral service that offers lawyers a prospective client – free of charge - if they answer one legal query by email, in depth, of a client who resides in their State and County.

There is no cost, whatsoever, to you. There is no continuing obligation.

You simply agree to receive an email from a client that lives in your County or City (‘your neighborhood’) and when you click to respond, we guarantee the client 30 minutes of your time in an email response for a flat fee of $35.00 payable to our company.

In exchange, you gain a prospective client by adding your contact information for any follow up issues or court appearances. Hence, you will be their Lawyer Around the Corner – and you both are quite literally in the same neighborhood.

You can build a relationship with this client that may last for years and extend to other referrals from this client in your area – free of charge.

So you receive $35.00 – what’s in it for me?

You receive a prospective client by providing a detailed answer to their legal query, and you are allowed to provide all of your contact information. The better your answer, the more likely they are to call you and hire you. The key is that not only can you bring on a new client, you can build a relationship as their Lawyer Around the Corner – the one they go to for all legal questions and advice.

Why don’t I just join the lawyer referral service of my Bar Association?

You can and should. But – we do not charge you a dime; most lawyer referral services charge a fee just to direct a client to you. In this case, you simply answer a question, and you can build from there. It may be limited to one answer, but the hope is that the prospective client will continue the relationship beyond that one query.

Do I have to sign a contract? How does this work?

It is not a contract for services, it is a referral service. In other words, when you register, you will receive emails. You have agreed to provide an answer within 2 hours of clicking on the email. You have agreed to spend 30 minutes on the answer. In exchange, you receive a new, prospective client, free of charge. We are not charging you anything for the referral and you are not charging us anything for your answer, so technically it is not a contract – it is a referral service. You can decide to “opt out” at any time and not continue to receive emails.

Do I have to answer every email that arrives in my Inbox?

No. You are under no obligation to click on the email. We simply ask that if you do click on the email, within two hours, you provide an in-depth answer that takes at least 30 minutes.

How many emails can I expect in one day?

At this juncture, we are uncertain – but the website is going to be heavily marketed once it is fully functional. At that point, we can limit the number of emails you receive per day at your discretion.

What happens if the client doesn’t like my answer?

We ask in that circumstance that the lawyer respond with one further explanation. If the client is still not satisfied, under the terms and conditions of the website agreement, we have done our job and that ends the agreement. You are in no way responsible for the issue of refunds.

When I provide an answer to an email, am I in competition with other lawyers for this prospective client? How many other lawyers are providing answers?

Yes, you are. Our goal is to assure that the client will receive an answer within two hours, so we must send the email question to multiple lawyers in your jurisdiction. The first lawyer who logs on the website and clicks on the email question will be the lawyer who whose answer is sent to the prospective client. However, if other lawyers who receive the email wish to respond, they may. The prospective client will know that other lawyers have answered the question and they may request to review the answer, for a second or third opinion. In other words, we want the best answers in a timely fashion, with an in-depth answer that creates the possibility of a formal attorney client relationship. So the better your answer, and the more quickly you respond with an in-depth answer, the more likely the prospective client will hire you.

Ok – so what is my legal exposure or liability for the answers I provide?

According to our legal counsel, you are providing legal advice, just as you would any prospective client. Just like an “initial consultation”, which lawyers provide every day, you are limited in liability to the advice that you give in that one query; that is why we require all attorneys to have professional malpractice insurance.

If I answer the email, have I formed an attorney client relationship with this prospective client?

According to our legal counsel, yes, but only to the extent of your answer. Again, if a person comes into your office for a consultation, and you provide legal advice, you have formed an attorney client relationship for that consultation and it is privileged. But that ends the relationship unless you choose to bring them on as a client.

Have you considered the ethical considerations of this web service?

Yes. Our CEO is an attorney of 20 years, licensed in three jurisdictions. We only direct legal questions to licensed, insured, active attorneys in the exact same State and County/City of the client. And yes, we advise the client that the attorney is going to provide legal advice, limited to the one query. If they need further advice, they must contact the attorney directly, whose information is provided in the email answer from the lawyer.

Is this solicitation?

According to our legal counsel, no. We do not solicit any prospective client. They must log on, register and send an affirmative request for an answer to a specific legal question. This is absolutely no different than a person calling an attorney for an initial consultation.

Is my email answer accessible to others?

We will not know about or “re-use” your answer, because no one except you and the client are privy to your answer. This is attorney-client privileged.

Is your website a fully secured website?

Yes – we have gone to great lengths to secure and preserve confidentiality and privacy.

Are you a lawyer?

No. I work for a lawyer and everything I am stating has been fully vetted. We are not providing legal advice. We are offering a lawyer referral service. For all further, in depth questions, please contact our attorney registration department at 844-529-8727.