Lawyer Around the Corner (LATC) is about a return to the nostalgia of the neighborhood.

It is an answer to the emotional void that exists in America - a longing to return to the 1950's social structure of the corner bakery, the corner grocery store or the corner pharmacy.  LATC is a marriage of 1950's nostalgia with millennium technology.  We understand that in in today's world, a customer wants a detailed, in depth answer to their serious legal question within 2 hours and at low cost.  We understand that a customer does not want to schedule an attorney consultation for 3 days later for a $500 meet and greet me that may provide no answers.  We understand that a customer wants a lawyer who reflects on the question and actually analyzes the problem and provides in depth answers and legal analysis.  But most important - LATC is the neighborhood lawyer that you can expect to run into when you go out to the movies, to dinner or the grocery store.  We reject the institutionalized, behemoth-sized law firms that are strangers and an unknown voice on the phone.  LATC embraces individualized, one-on-one attorney client relationships -- we return your lawyer to your neighborhood.